Super Blogger Challenge 2018:About us

Who are the face behind Super Blogger Challenge2018?

Dr.Bushra of and Dr.Amrita of comes together  to host the Super Blogger Challenge2018: The Great Indian Blogging Festival with Instacuppa

Dr.Bushra is a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician and a passionate blogger dedicated to helping women grow and find their feet in the blogging world.

Dr.Amrita is an ENT surgeon, a teacher in a Medical college.She loves writing about health wellness in everyday life and mompreneurship for financial freedom.

Together they wanted to give back to the Blogging society.Whatever they have learned they want to share and that’s where you come in.

If you have a dream, a dream of writing and making your blog self-sufficient, you must participate.Registrations are open for a limited time!

How to participate in the Super Blogger Challenge?

Here’s your chance to be a part of the Super Blogger Challenge 2018!
Who Can Participate?
If you own a blog or website and have social media profiles you are eligible to participate in the Super Blogger Challenge 2018.

This is How:
Kindly Register Your Blog by filling this form.(closed now)

Once your blog is approved, you will be notified for Further Instructions about Super Blogger Challenge 2018.

Winners will get:

Plenty of prizes from our sponsor!

Registrations are open until 11 February 2018, 11:59 P.M.

If you are interested in co-hosting this Super Blogger Challenge 2018 mail us at with the subject line “Super BloggerChallenge 2018″

Registrations are closed for 2018, but in case you want to join the Super Blogger Challenge 2.0.Please subscribe  here and fill up this form 

Disclaimer: Any person or entity using the platform, name, or challenge format of Super Blogger Challenge as their own without the express written permission pf Dr.Bushra Nausheen and Dr.Amrita Basu will run the risk of being sent a legal notice.No part of the challenge can be replicated, copied or reused without the consent of both.

No part of the Super Blogger Challenge can be utilized or reproduced in any electronic, mechanical, photocopying or any other way of information storage and recovery system.The copyright is held by Dr, Bushra Nausheen, and Dr.Amrita Basu.

We will not be responsible for the loss of money, reputation, time or property in case you participate in any association with anybody using the name of this platform without our express written permission.